Ramsey Responds - Caring for our Community

Community Supporters


Our efforts are made possible through the generosity of individuals, businesses & organizations:

Ramsey Schools: Teachers, Administrators, and Parent Organizations

Ramsey Junior Women's Club

Ramsey Knights of Columbus

Ramsey Farmers' Market

Ramsey Chamber of Commerce

Greater Ramsey UNICO

Ramsey/Bergen Highlands Rotary

Ramsey Women's Club

Ramsey Recreation

Ramsey Public Library

Local Churches and Places of Worship

Local Businesses and Companies

Ramsey Responds Board of Directors

Harris Recht, President

Cathy Calabria, Vice-President

Karen Mullane, Treasurer

Diane Sundermann, Administrative Coordinator

Marge Roche, Community Outreach & Donations Coordinator

Eileen Smith, Social Services Coordinator

Erin Ramiza, Social Services Coordinator